Energy Management - Control of energy consumption and facility management ISO 50001

In all types of facilities, regardless of their dimension or complexity of system, “Monitor of energy” is absolutely necessary in order to save energy and to obtain its maximal efficiency. It is a crucial tool that is able, in practical timing, to present the consumption of energy sufficient for the desired comfort. By using this tool we can also raise the awareness of consumption of energy and its costs. “Monitor of energy” provides us with the insight in the consumption of energy products and it alarms us in cases of excessive consumption. It makes us aware of losses that charge us, and therefore motivate us to do something about it. We can try to change our behavior in the sense of rational maneuvering the energy and paying attention on every loss, excessive temperature while cooling and heating, we can turn off the energy products/consumers that we are not using etc. you will to a conclusion that you can do something of the above mentioned, but also you can’t occupy yourselves with the work that wasn’t intended for you in the first place. The real solution is an automated system for maneuvering energy that will do all this for you. This sophisticated tool consists of a web-app and a device by the help of which the scenario of saving energy under the title “ Management of energy” is being performed, all under the directive 50001.



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