Energy saving
Reducing the consumption of electric energy is often harder than one can imagine. It happens more than often that an outdated or damaged device causes a large consumption of energy and we aren’t even aware of that. We can easily measure the amount of energy a user is consuming, but as it turns up, in reality, a 100% correct calculation is almost impossible. The so called UE is the only measuring device currently available on market that can provide you with precise insight on consumption of electric energy.

Practical application
The system is intended for households, companies, hotels and other facilities; to all of those who intend to monitor the consumption of energy in order to reduce it.

Supervise the consumers in your facility!
  • From calculated data we can easily conclude much more than simple data on consumption of electric energy. From the shape of diagram consumption curve it can easily be established:
  • …did you turn off the kitchen stove before leaving the house
  • …did your employees turn off all the electrical appliances before leaving the facility and going home
  • …did the power blackout/ shutdown occur?
  • …from the sudden increase of consumption you can establish mistakes or damages of devices, short circuit etc.
  • For any unusual occurrences the system will send you automatically an e-mail or SMS message.
Monitoring of energy implies:
  • ...transmission of data on-line
  • …transmission of data in short time on the icloud
  • …storage and analysis of data
  • …business intelligence..from data to info
  • ..connection with  ERP systems
  • ..measures of controlling and reducing the consumption of energy
Solutions, services and products
  • ..“real time” collecting data
  • ..analysis of the current state: visiting and overviewing the location, list of energy sources, list of counters, list of equipment, overview of the available internet connections
  • …selecting the proper equipment
  • …measures of controlling and reducing consumption
General overview of data and info on:
  • ..gadgets
  • ..our portal
  • integrating into the client’s system
  • ..iGoogle
  • devices
  • Measures of reducing consumption of energy
  • ..raising the awareness of staff/among employees
  • internet portal that sets out to monitor the consumption and suggested measures
  • ..establishing clear inside rools regardful of saving the energy
  • ..planning and designing