Smart Home

In addition to smart management and rationalization of consumption with the aim of saving, we also offer Smart Home systems for remote home management via tablets or smartphones. These systems offer a large number of possibilities, not only in terms of energy consumption control but also remote control of various electrical devices in your home (air conditioning, thermostats, water heaters, TV, lighting, automatic door control or venetian blinds, etc.)

The system is programmed according to the needs and habits of each user, and the possibilities are numerous; from programmed heating that turns off and on every day at certain times (for example after going to work and returning home) to turning on / off the light that will turn itself off even if one of your family members forgot to do so, heating hot water in the boiler according to the most optimal mode of operation of the boiler, etc.


This part of our service is primarily aimed at raising the level of comfort, ie the quality of life in your home, but also security. Each of our remote monitoring or control systems involves the collection of information in real time, and allows the use of alarms (e-mail, messages, pop-up notifications) in case of any danger or unusual readings (eg water leakage, shutdown of an electrical device , overheating, power failure, etc.) which allows our customers to react in a timely manner as needed.

Brochure: /repository/SMART HOME PREZENTACIJA.pdf

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